Photographer Bios
John Gabor
John was born in Great Yarmouth, England but has resided in the United States since 1978.  John’s love for aviation began at a young age when John’s Father, a
Maintenance Technician in the United States Air Force, sat John in an A-7D Corsair II at Myrtle Beach AFB, South Carolina in 1972, where they lived.

He has been an employee of Textron Aviation (formerly Cessna Aircraft) since 1996 where he is a Manufacturing Engineer.  John’s interest in photography began
at the age of 15 when he was given his first SLR camera (a Canon T50) for taking photos of aircraft… Naturally!

John is co-owner of Air Capital Images, a group of aviation photographers based in Wichita, Kansas who share their aviation images from their travels around the

Through his travels, John has had the pleasure of conducting air to air photography with the Commerative Air Force’s Tora, Tora, Tora Group and the United
States Air Force Thunderbirds.  John has also captured air to air images of F-4, F-16, B-1, B-52, AC-130, KC-10, and C-141 aircraft and has photographed the
U.S. Army Golden Knights from their jump aircraft.  His photos have graced the covers of Air Britain News magazine (five issues) and Aviation News Magazine
(one issue).  In addition to the covers, his photos can also be seen between the pages of Air Britain News magazine (15 issues), Air International (two issues),
Combat Aircraft Magazine (four issues), Aircraft Illustrated (one issue), AirForces Magazine (one issue), and the following books; The Viper Story, Part I: F-16s of
the Air National Guard and Post World War II MiG Killers.  

John’s aviation images have been displayed in several photo exhibitions and trade shows.  John not only has been featured as a photographer, he also has a knack for
writing.  His latest article “Hawgsmoke 2018” can be found in the January 2019 issue of Aviation News Magazine. Not to limit himself to print publications,
John’s work can also be found on multiple social media outlets around the world.

During his time as a photo journalist, John has visited two active duty front line aircraft carriers of the United States Navy at sea as they were working up prior to
combat deployments.  He has attended more than a dozen Red Flag exercises in Las Vegas, Nevada Eielson AFB, Alaska.  

John exclusively uses Canon DSLRs with a range of Canon, Sigma, and Tamron lenses.
Jeff Stoermer, Jr.
Jeff became interested in photography while serving in the United States Air Force in Germany.  He soon made friends with some local aviation photographers who
took him under their wings as they assisted a budding aviation photographer learn the finer points of the art.  Back then, shooting only 35mm slide film forced you
to make every shot count and demanded that you have your camera set properly to capture that perfect shot the first time.  There was no such thing as reviewing
your image on the spot!

Although Jeff’s subjects were mainly aviation orientated, there were occasions in which he stopped to capture the beauty and majesty of the scenic landscape during
his travels across Europe.  As Jeff’s career in the Air Force evolved, he proudly earned a coveted spot as an aircrew member in the KC-135 “Stratotanker”.  As a
Boom Operator, the job demanded an acute attention to detail and situational awareness at all times.  There were many occasions however, that Jeff’s career and
hobby could co-exist, and overseas deployments provided some dramatic Air-to-Air photo opportunities over some of the world’s most breath-taking terrain.

Jeff completed his service to his country following his last assignment as a Boom Operator Instructor at Altus AFB, Oklahoma.  With a new chapter in his life
came a new direction with his photography.  While he still finds time to photograph aviation, Jeff has now turned his attention to the natural beauty that
surrounds him.  His interests have evolved to subjects which capture not only nature in its most glorious form, but also nature’s interaction with man-made subjects
(barns and sunsets, storms and farm fields, etc.).

Ever since Jeff picked up a camera and turned it towards something that caught his eye, he has demonstrated his ability to see things that otherwise might have
been overlooked.  Thankfully, his talent has not been lost in the public domain and Jeff’s work can be seen in aviation publications around the world as well as
local and state history and tourism guides.

Jeff exclusively uses Sony E-mount cameras with a range of Sony and Sigma lenses.